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Barrier Sealant Films

Blown mono- and multi-layer films with a high-performing protective core that can range from HDPE, Nylon or EVOH, and may also be LDPE, LLDPE, MDPE, or PP. Functionality typically includes one or a combination of moisture resistance, oxygen, CoF, aroma/odor and flavor, oil/grease resistance, stiffness, strength, puncture resistance, seal range, optics (clarity), surface, and additives (color, antistat, BHT, antifog, UV).

Non-Barrier Sealant Films

Blown mono- and multi-layer films with a sealant core; both barrier and non-barrier structures are available. Key functionality can include combinations of hot tack, CoF, contaminates, moisture, seal temp, seal strength, and seal range (hermetic, openability, and reseal).

Peel-Seal Lidding Films

With a blown or cast resin combination, film functionality criteria are typically seal (weld or easy peel), compatibility to seal structure, print receptive, moisture, oxygen, tamper evident type, and intended fabrication.